Fox News marches into Gilead with seriously creepy prayer segment (video)

As MAGA doggedly marches into a real-life theocratic Republic of Gilead, Fox & Friends took the next step with an incredibly creepy prayer segment yesterday. (See video below, posted by Aaron Rupar.)

"This is a transition for transitions if you've ever had one," said host Pete Hegseth, warming up the crowd to Fox's transition into televangelism. "This is very Fox & Friends, so ready your heart."

"It's the 5th Sunday of Lent, and our prayer series continues with the reading of prayer from the Hallow app," he continued. "We all need it, let's do it this morning. Close your eyes — if you would bow your head."

And then, with his co-hosts eyes closed in mock Jesus devotion, Commander Hegseth preaches, "Jesus, today we begin the holy period of passion tide. In these last 2 weeks of Lent help us understand the mystery of your sacrifice and surrender, make us keenly aware of your love for us. We ask that you make yourself known to us, help us to feel the grace of your presence."

The Fox televangelist continues at length with hollow Hallow-app Christian babble before concluding with a shout-out to his corporate sponsor: "Thank you again to Hallow for this partnership during Lent." Followed by "Amen" from his co-host — and from the thousands of glassy-eyed MAGA devotees sitting in their living rooms, you can be sure.