Enjoy better focus and efficiency at work this Cyber Week with 40% off on WiredVibe

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Have you always wished you could be more productive? It's hard enough to find the hours in a day to accomplish everything we need to, but losing time to inefficiency and distraction is a killer. As we settle into the work-from-home lifestyle for the long haul, it's important to be able to stay organized, on task, and focused without traditional means of encouragement such as group pressure or an office environment. 

There are dozens of tried and true ways to maintain your productivity, but one of the more interesting means of harnessing your latent brainpower is by utilizing brainwave entrainment to achieve a state of maintained focus, organization, and flow to boost efficiency and productivity. WiredVibe is a company set out to help you do just that, and you can subscribe now for 40% off with this Cyber Monday coupon. Just apply code CMSAVE40 to get WiredVibe for $29.99.

With WiredVibe's personalized music for focus, users can achieve heightened levels of focus and productivity by only using pleasant ambient noise in the background while they work — no supplements necessary. WiredVibe uses sound therapy to alter neural oscillations, which basically means it uses specific sounds that help you focus. Its AI creates instrumentals that adapt to your environment, it'll take your activity and even the weather into account when producing tracks.

Users have been thoroughly impressed with WiredVibe's focus music leaving it rave reviews. "This is a very interesting product. The sounds really seem to help with productivity and focus. just put headphones on, start the software in the right mode, and get right into the zone. I find alternative modes also help to wind down and relax. I'm very happy with the purchase and would recommend it." 

Get in the zone and take your productivity up a level or two by working with heightened levels of focus and efficiency with WiredVibe. Right now, it's just $29.99 with Cyber Monday code CMSAVE40.