Get this $119 cordless, handheld vacuum for under $40 with this Cyber Week coupon

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Look we're going to cut to the chase: we're not going back to what was once "normal" anytime soon, so all of those made-up excuses to use for why your house isn't clean will have to wait and you're going to have to actually pick up some of the slack (especially if total strangers can pick up a broom every now and then). Cleaning can be somewhat painless with the right tools, and the Folding Handheld Portable Rechargeable Vacuum is the rightest of them all. 

Designed with a digital high-speed motor to rev up your room for an ultimate clean, this bad boy is also cordless, so you can use it in almost any instance of mess on any floor, without finding out how your hardwood tastes from that nice little trip a cord would otherwise afford you. You'll also get an extension attachment and brush accessory with it, so no surface is a match for the suction adversary it will face with the Quantum.

Need to clean while everyone's taking a midday snooze? No sweat, this baby has an LED light attached for those dark spots like corners, crevices, and, of course, dark rooms where everyone just needs a minute before the light turns on. It's also super lightweight, so you won't clunk around the house while everyone else just needs an ounce of quiet for once.

As soon as you're done with all of that cleaning craziness, just use the 90-degree rotating handle, which allows for compact storage in the enclosed pouch. This way, there's no mess necessary right before kicking your feet up and announcing a job well done to the whole family. Afterward, just throw your new BFF on charge with the included charging cord and revel in your clean floors.

Get the Folding Handheld Portable Rechargeable Vacuum, which includes an extension accessory, brush accessory, USB charging cord, extra filter, and storage pouch, for $35.99 (Reg. $119) with code CMSAVE20.