Everyone on your holiday shopping list will want a wireless charger like one

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Whether you're shopping for your brother who has everything or your picky mother-in-law who's literally impossible to shop for, one thing's for sure — they all have to charge up their phones from time to time. And while everyone has a charger at home, it's rare they have a wireless, sleek model quite like this one, by ORBIT. 

From its vegan leather exterior to the fact that it can adhere to your phone without you even taking its case off, this ORBIT wireless charger is something everyone needs. And unlike other wireless models you may have seen out there, this one comes with a budget-friendly price tag that reads just $21.59 (with code CMSAVE20), proving it to be the perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season. 

One of the ORBIT wireless charger's most appealing features is the fact that it's compatible with just about any smartphone. Yep, you read that right. It works with Qi-enabled devices, including iPhones, Samsung models, and Android phones, even if they're in MagSafe cases. And thanks to its magnetic auto-alignment, all you have to do is place your phone on top of the charger, and it instantly latches onto your phone's wireless charging coil. You can even pick it up and use it while it's gassing up.

If you're worried about this wireless wonder hurting your expensive phone, you have nothing to stress about. The gadget has been run through countless tests, ensuring it's completely safe to use on your phone, proving to charge 24% faster than the Apple MagSafe Charger. And its sturdy, aluminum body is incredibly lightweight and easy to tote around, never susceptible to overheating. It even features a sleek vegan leather exterior, keeping the charger protected and easy on the eyes.

Boasting an array of important certifications, including that of the FCC and CE, the ORBIT wireless charger is one of the best things you can do for your phone. And at a price like this, you can afford to get one for everyone this holiday, including yourself. 

Snag 20% off the ORBIT Wireless Charger, making it just $21.59 with Cyber Monday code CMSAVE20.