For just $6 with a Cyber Week coupon, you can become a pro photographer

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Have you ever been interested in learning more about a career in photography? Nowadays, with most brands relying heavily on digital marketing, learning professional photography skills can increase your chances in today's job market. Whether you want to make it a career or hobby across various industries, becoming a professional photographer can be a great source of income for yourself, and this bundle has the tools to get you there. 

Since smartphones are basically an extension of our hands, most people would consider themselves a "photographer", but this bundle will elevate your skills to a professional level. Starting off with a course on mobile and iPhone photography, you'll have access to 42 lessons and 2.5 hours of content on how to understand all the capabilities and modes of your smartphone, while also applying the skill sets to capture a professional-looking photo on your iPhone, Android, or other mobile devices. 

You'll also learn how to capture photos with either DSLR, mirrorless, or compact cameras, with part 1 of 2 courses on 'Becoming a Better Photographer', where you're introduced to lighting, composition, and training demonstration videos. In part 2, you'll transition into learning more about advanced feature settings, which will nicely complement two other bundle courses that include understanding how to choose the best photos in your workflow and finding your photography style. 

This bundle also includes courses on more niche techniques like natural light and modern studio portraits and even wedding photography. With a 4.8 out of 5-star rating, the 'How to Master your Camera' course, will help you understand how your camera 'sees' compared to how our eyes see and why this is important. 

The Complete 2022 Photography Master Class Bundle has everything you need and more to become a master of photography, and is now at an unbelievable price of $6, thanks to code CMSAVE70