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Collectively, we spend 6 billion hours per month watching Netflix. True, the streaming giant has some hits, but there's somewhere else to turn when you're in the mood for a stellar documentary. With the news cycle constantly changing, it can feel like you're missing out on details of some of the most pressing issues, but there's a place to catch up on all you miss.

MagellanTV Documentary Streaming Service hosts a collection of documentaries that are exclusive to its platform — over 3,000 to be exact. Nearly every realm of society can be explored, from the science and technology that have shaped modern life, to the ancient history and wartimes that form this world's history, just to name a few. For those culture and crime-obsessed, they also didn't forget about you.

New content is added weekly to MagellanTV, and the streaming possibilities are endless when you can view from a countless number and different types of devices.

Streaming services are complemented by a VPN. Sure, you can cozy on up into the couch, but relaxing when it comes to your online security is a no-go. Whether it's private or public Wi-Fi, there are people out there with just a wee bit more cyber capabilities than us, eager to compromise our security.

VPN Unlimited is basically the bouncer at the party. They're protecting your security and ensuring anonymity when it comes to watching TV or browsing the web (with the added bonus of no speed or bandwidth limits).

Now you've got two unlimited subscriptions within reach. The 4.7-star rated MagellanTV Documentary Streaming Service, combined with KeepSolid VPN Unlimited is the gift of all gifts. The two-part pack was once $1995 to access the services to access both for the entirety of life. Now it's $249 — NO coupon required.