Zestworld is trying to shake up the comic world

Manga sales are trouncing American comics in every conceivable metric, and it's safe to say that the industry needs some profound reinvention. For decades, fans have noticed a steady decline in sales while prices skyrocketed. Coupled with the fact that children—choosing manga instead—now represent one of the smallest demographics for the medium, the entire industry is undoubtedly on shaky legs.

That may be harsh for some fans to hear, but it's even more brutal for the scores of creators staring at the collapse of their chosen field. However, mimicking the superheroes these creators write about, there seems to be a potential savior looking to keep the ailing industry aloft.

Zestworld, a new comic company headed by a former Spotify executive, Chris Giliberti, is looking to take up the task of rescuing comics and creators from the rubble. Like Image Comics, Zestworld focuses on creator-owned works as opposed to characters that belong to the publication. Beyond the array of masters they've courted to spark their inaugural run, the primary selling point for fans is the unprecedented amount of stake creators are receiving for their work.

As if that wasn't enough to inspire hope amongst the funny book-reading faithful, Zestworld has Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian as a financial backer through his investment firm Seven Seven Six. Anyone who has the confidence to successfully woo a stunning Amazon like Serena Williams is probably the perfect partner one could have when taking on industry goliaths Marvel and DC Comics. You can check out their Instagram with a detailed synopsis of their origin and mission statement in the link below.