How exactly did Dubstep die

Dubstep was heralded as the next big music genre. It blanketed every commercial and every trailer aimed at a youthful demographic. And almost as suddenly as it arrived, the genre disappeared.

Although you can still see it in scant traces, Dubstep has greatly receded from the musical conversation it once dominated. How? What made Dubstep hateable enough to experience the same widespread rejection that disco did?

In his video, "All my homies hate Skrillex," YouTuber, Timbah.On.Toast gives a loving retrospective on the history of Dubstep, and how it mutated into the genre it is today. Despite the story being specific to Dubstep, the passion on display for watching something you once loved slowly wither is universal and touching. Plus, the documentarian production values, the humor and pacing of how Timbah tells the story.