This cooling mattress will help you sleep through the dread of 2021 and dream of a better 2022

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If you're a terrible sleeper, it could be for a myriad of reasons. A finicky furry friend hogging up space (although we'd be lost without their slumber love), too much natural light coming in from the moon, and the dread of facing whatever 2022 stampedes through are all reasons you may be having junk sleep. Don't let your mattress be a factor in your insomnia and grab this GhostBed 11" Memory Foam Cooling Mattress to get some good ZZZs in while you can.

If you're having trouble keeping up with your partner's cacophony of snores, the GhostBed 11" Memory Foam Cooling Mattress is exactly what you need to keep pace. Using cooling technology that constantly pulls heat away from the body for a cooler sleep, you'll never complain of sweating through your sheets (unless you're a chronic sweat machine, in which case there's probably medication for that). And, with memory gel foam features, it will only feel, act, and look expensive to the touch.

Worried it won't fit in your already furnished bedroom? Don't be. This sleep aid fits on most boxsprings, slatted frames, or adjustable frames, as well as most fitted sheets, so your existing furniture and linens will fit just fine with what you're about to order.

Let's break down what makes this mattress so amazing. This mattress includes a 1.5" aerated latex foam layer, 2" gel memory foam layer, and a 7.5" high-density base, so you can slumber like a regular old Sleeping Beauty. The best part is the plush cover that's made with a stretchy, durable blend of viscose and polyester, so every sleep is like resting on clouds of marshmallows (without the sticky after effect, unless, again, you've got that sweating issue). 

Get the GhostBed 11" Memory Foam Cooling Mattress for $770.99 (reg. $1,295).