This wooden Apple Watch band helps you channel your earthy vibes

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When it comes to keeping things green, you've been doing your part — after all, you were way ahead of the "go green" game, switching out your plastic straws for reusable ones eons ago (take that, Starbucks). And while getting down with the earthy side of things poses tons of benefits, it's hard to give up on tech accessories, like the Apple Watch, as much as it may pain you to splurge on these synthetic materials. 

But thanks to great tech accessories like this wooden Apple Watch band, you can have the best of both worlds, channeling your eco-friendly way of life while exploring all this innovative gadget has to offer. Made of 100% natural sandalwood, this watch band is not only a friend to the environment, but it's also a fun, unique way to add a little personal flair to your everyday Apple Watch. 

While it's made entirely of wood, this Apple Watch band is anything but stiff and uncomfortable. In fact, it's built with a cool link design that lets you bend and use your wrist without any discomfort. It's also totally adjustable — simply add or remove links to find just about any desired size. And since it's compatible with any model in the Apple Watch series, you don't have to worry about it not working with the one you have or giving the wrong kind as a gift.

Okay, so it's made of 100% natural wood, but does that mean it's actually doing some good in this world? Actually, the answer is a resounding yes. While it may seem small, each watch band ordered insures the planting of 10 trees, making it a truly eco-friendly accessory to its core. It's no wonder the innovative band has made a splash online, having been featured in Reader's Digest, Bella Magazine, Mashable, and more. 

Go green with this Classic 42mm/44mm Wooden Apple Watch Band, now 10% off at just $115.99.