Save $55 on an innovative desk lamp that gives you perfect lighting throughout the day

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We've all been there — spending time hunched over your computer at your desk, staring under bright light into the wee hours of the morning. While working the way is sometimes unavoidable, there are little things you can do to ensure your health isn't jeopardized in the process, like avoiding ruining your internal body clock with artificial bright light.

Especially during the winter months, it gets dark pretty early, and using a little additional light at your desk has become necessary. But instead of using the old lamp you've had since college, perhaps your desktop could use a little upgrade, like with the Oculamp, a safe 3-function desk lamp that does more good than harm on your body. And lucky for you, it's currently 31% off at just $119.99. 

The Oculamp is unlike any other lamp you've used before. That's because it's designed to ease the strain on your eyes, emitting way less blue light than other light sources, lessening your chances of headaches, dizziness, and extra yawns. In fact, this lamp comes equipped with three different settings, each one designed to be used at certain times of the day, keeping your body in sync with your natural surroundings. 

Whether you use the "neutral white" setting for longer desk sessions or the "warm white" mode to help keep you calm and relaxed before bedtime, the Oculamp can be an excellent tool to keep you feeling your best while you work. And thanks to its portable design, you can easily transport it from your office to the bedroom, or even take it with you on trips. It even boasts a long battery life of 30 hours of light with just three hours of charging.

With a handful of great online reviews and an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars among everyday users, the Oculamp is becoming a must-have for people who spend a decent amount of time sitting at a desk. It's also great for using while you curl up with a book or at kids' workstations as they do homework, crafts, and more.

The Oculamp: Eye Safe 3-Function Desk Lamp is currently 31% off, making it just $119.99 down from $175 bucks.

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