This Craigslist seller has zero-tolerance for chiselers

Kudos to this person for warning cheapskates to back off.

3 Bar stools – $300

3 white and brushed silver adjustable height bar stools. Like new. $300 for all three.
IMPORTANT. Please read:

  1. I'd rather throw them out than negotiate on price.
  2. If you email me to negotiate 1 will sell them for your negotiated price to someone else.
  3. If you agree to pick them up and show up with less than $300, will burn them in front of you.


It reminds me of the time, years ago, when Carla and I held a garage sale with our friends, Matt and Loretta. Loretta had some cute ashtrays from the 1950s priced at 25 cents each. A man picked up one of the ashtrays and told Loretta he'd give her a dime for it. Loretta told him she was not willing to negotiate. The skinflint continued to argue with her. I was so excited when she grabbed the ashtray from him and threw it on the driveway, where it shattered. "Now you can't ever have it," she said.

This was the same garage sale where I was selling two Apple Newtons and a bunch of Newton peripherals for $50. A guy closely inspected the stuff for about 20 minutes then got in his car and drove away. He returned a short while after and told me that he suspected I had stolen the Newtons and was going to call the police if I didn't give him the stuff.

This is why I don't sell stuff on Craigslist or have garage sales anymore.