Trump promises "food for everyone," leaves without paying

This summarizes Trump's entire life in two sentences: He went to a restaurant in Miami and loudly said to his supporters, "Food for everyone!" Ten minutes later, he was gone, leaving the bill with the diners he promised a free meal.

From The Miami New Times:

A glad-handing Trump was heard to declare, "Food for everyone!"

So, New Times wondered, did Trump — who famously fancies his chicken from KFC and his steaks well-done and slathered with ketchup but isn't exactly known for picking up the check — treat his fan club to a spread of croquetas, pastelitos, and cubanos chased with cafecitos?

It turns out no one got anything.

Not even a cafecito to-go.

A knowledgeable source assures New Times that Donald Trump's stop at Versailles totaled about ten minutes, leaving no time for anyone to eat anything, much less place an order.


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