Black Sands Entertainment is taking the comic and animation world by storm

Getting into the comics business—while still incredibly difficult—became more accessible with the advent of the internet. In the last few years, Black Sands Entertainment has made significant headway in the realm of traditional graphic novels and digital comics. Black Sands Entertainment aims to create stories that reject the trite and tired versions of black narratives based on the trauma of slavery or generational poverty with an eye on exclusively positive representation.

Serving as founder and the face of BSE's viral marketing campaigns on Tik Tok and Instagram, Manuel Godoy is out to prove that positive black representation can be entertaining and lucrative. Through Kickstarter, Godoy raised over a million dollars for BSE, helping to secure them a digital app that rivals Comixology. Currently, BSE is working on their first CGI animated series based on their flagship title- the titular Black Sands. You find the trailer for the series in the video linked above.