Gentleman pretended to be his brother to avoid arrest. Didn't realize brother was wanted by police.

Jason Chia Junjie, 40, was banned from driving after causing two separate traffic fatalities in Geylang, Singapore. Even so, Juniie continued to drive and was eventually pulled over by police for a random check. Hoping to avoid arrest, he told the officers that he had forgotten his identity card and provided his younger brother's name instead of his own. Turns out, his brother was wanted by the police and Chia didn't know it. From the Straits Times:

Deputy Public Prosecutor Emily Koh said: "The screening of the particulars showed that (the brother) was wanted by the police. The accused was placed under arrest and brought into the police car."

Chia finally admitted that he had given the policeman false information in a later interview.

image (cropped): Paul Biryukov/