Papercraft spaceship bridge at Hermès in Japan

I wonder what will become of Zim and Zou's wonderful window display for Hermès once the store in Shinjuku, Tokyo is done with it. [This is Colossal via Luxury Launches]

This renewal comes with a special window that conveys a positive message through this year's theme: Odyssey. In conjunction with the theme color of the Isetan department store, the window will be decorated with pink tones for a spectacular opening. 
In this artwork titled "Journey of a Lifetime", the French artists Zim & Zou illustrates the concept of how we ourselves are the heroes of our own odyssey. The spaceship's cockpit, both complex and mysterious, is a metaphor for life and the choices we must make. The main character, seen from behind, is exploring the universe as he travels his own life. His goal is right in front of him, and he will do everything to reach it. Memories, along with his most precious items, are following him in this adventure. The opened safe sets many of his treasures free, flying around in weightlessness."•