Peng Shuai and the Chinese disappearing act

For all of America's faults- of which there are several- at least the government isn't (allegedly) causing famous billionaires and celebrities to disappear. The recent media coverage of missing Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai has cast a light on a serious problem within China: the growing number of billionaires and celebrities that mysteriously vanish. The preceding sentence may take a little time for an American mind to process. Sure, there are tons of famous people the average American might want to disappear, but no noteworthy American star pulls an impromptu vanishing act. If anything, knowing that they're hatable only empowers annoying American celebrities to become all the more omnipresent. Chinese billionaires and celebrities would probably pay for that level of freedom. 

Peng Shuai may have brought attention to the matter, but the CCP forcing prominent Chinese people to vanish isn't new. Earlier this year, Jack Ma, one of China's richest men, mysteriously disappeared after slightly criticizing the CCP. Ma eventually returned but has been decidedly reticent about his conscripted sabbatical from public life. In a fantastic video from his channel, business-centric YouTuber Jake Tran breaks down exactly why certain Chinese stars go missing. At the very least, it'll provide some context for the next inevitable disappearance of a Chinese celebrity. Set your stopwatches…now.