Watch a colorized version of this 1907 film about a grotesque pig in gentleman's clothing who interrupts a young woman's picnic

Via Nag on the Lake, this colorized version of Le Cochon Danseur (1907).

In the original black and white silent film, produced by Pathé Frères, a grotesque pig in gentleman's clothing interrupts a young woman's picnic. The girl rips off his clothes and makes him dance. The film has now been restored and colourized by Lobster Films. I can't decide whether it is more creepy in colour.

The pig is a remarkable feat of costumery, given the era in which it was fabricated.

IMDb's synopsis:

A humongous and obese anthropomorphic swine dressed like a fine gentleman in a fancy dinner attire tries to make a pass at a solitary lady having a picnic.

From Open Culture's review:

We see the pig "flapping his ears, boggling his eyes, flailing his tongue, and chuckling evilly, bearing his sharp, scary teeth," as the Villains Wiki puts it. "This implies that he possibly ate the woman and revealed himself to be a horrid monster." It is this final sequence that has made the dancing pig "a popular Internet meme villain" over the past decade and a half.