Here are the top 25 most interesting public webcams of 2021

Public webcams are fascinating windows into parts of the world you may not know much about. I often look at the Shibuya Crossing webcam, which is pointed at the world's busiest pedestrian crossing, in Tokyo.

The EarthCam website just released its annual list of the "top 25 most interesting public webcams" selected by a panel of judges. I wonder if the diners at the Tiny Martini Bar in St. Augustine, FL are aware that the whole world can watch them eat and drink!

EarthCam recruited a judging panel to select the top 25 webcams based on image quality, uniqueness, and overall achievement in webcam technology. This year's views include everything from breathtaking scenery and wild animals to one-of-a-kind views such as the red panda habitat at a New York Zoo and a quaint French town.