Save over 50% off your first shipment of wines from Winc, shipped straight to your door

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Few things scream peak Friday night than unwinding with a glass of wine after another hectic workweek. Plus, how can you say no to that glass when red wine is known for its ability to support heart and gut health? Instead of chancing the random bottle you grabbed from the liquor store, there are more sophisticated methods that personally cater wine to your palette. 

Winc is a wine club that implements that personalization with its Winc Palette Profile. Based on the answers to that six-question quiz, you'll end up with a selection of four wines that the algorithm believes you'll like. Even if you're feeling exploratory and want to try something outside of what is suggested, Winc lets you swap out their suggestions. 

And just like that, four bottles of one of the hundreds of wines created and curated by Winc will arrive at your doorstep every month.* Since everybody isn't a wine connoisseur, Winc adds a welcome wine journal to get you familiar with what you're drinking and what recipes the wines pair well with.

After purchase, you'll be given a voucher code and voila — now you're automatically enrolled in the wine club. Although there's a limit of one per customer, you can also gift two of the vouchers. 'Tis the season for giving, and who can complain when they've given four bottles of wine with a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee? 

On any regular day, you're conveniently gifted four 750ml bottles of high-quality wine for $59, but new customers to the world of Winc are welcomed with a little more accommodation. Newcomers, secure your first shipment with Winc for $24.95, which includes the shipping, only for the party people 21 and up.

Prices subject to change. Offer is not valid in all states, including states that Winc does not ship to: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and. Utah