Take $149 off a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner

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We've all been there. You're finally in the cleaning mood, and you're coming to the end of your deep cleanse. All that's left is to vacuum, but when you power it up, it feels like even after two or three passes, nothing is coming up. 

Maybe it's the vacuum quality failing you, and there's one obvious culprit: It's the filter clogged once again. There comes a point in time when cleaning the filter is too little, too late, and all the dirt and grime it tried to pick up is already released back into the air. So your floors remain dirty, and the air you breathe is compromised. 

Instead of picking through an icky worn-out HEPA filter, vacuums like the Quantum X Water Filtration Vacuum have a simple solution: swap out the standard filter for a water filter. This time, when dirt gets picked up, it reaches the water filtration system stored in the vacuum. So it's as simple as dumping the water out and starting anew.

The deep cleaning isn't reserved solely for the flooring. The 10-foot extending hose can also hit those places arms can't reach, and the 18" telescopic head has you covered on the nooks and crannies. 

The vacuum also can step in for your mop and clean wet spills and pet stains (yes, you're not innocent in all this, Fido). 

Given today's climate, germs, bacteria, and viruses have no place in the home. Alongside the handy dandy hand sanitizer, add the Quantum X Water Filtration Vacuum into your regime. Take an additional $49 off of the sale price with CLEAN79, bringing a heavy-duty cleaning agent into your artillery for $350. 

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