Wanna learn how Psilocybin actually works?

Pop quiz: what's the compound that makes you trip when you're munching on psychedelic mushrooms? If you said psilocybin, you're wrong. I was shocked too. Mainly because I'm one of those annoying friends you have that frequently rhapsodizes about how psychedelic mushrooms are key to mental health. I've piped down a lot about it in recent years but realizing how little I knew about the active compounds in my favorite wonder drug forced me to climb back down the rabbit hole.

Luckily for me, the YouTube channel SciShow Pysch recently made a video that elucidates the murky world of psychedelics. Despite how omnipresent they are, mushrooms are still something of an enigma. Or, as the video espouses, the effect that Psilocybin has on the human mind is the real mystery. Unless you're a modern-day Owsley Stanely, you may want to give the video a watch to purge your ignorance on the subject. It's pretty trippy, man.