Check out the Brazilian Girls' live version of Lazy Lover

It took a minute for my musical tastes to refine enough to enjoy a live performance. Even though I'll always prefer the clarity and polish of a studio track, I've come to find that live renditions offer a unique charm. Whether the band decides to break into a medley of their hits with a similar chord progression or improvise a new groove, live performances highlight the creativity of an artist. And if the band in question is already an eclectic group of artists, the imagination inherent in a live interpolation can reach dizzying heights.

The New York City-based Brazilian Girls were a fantastic collective of visionary musicians that constantly pushed their sound into wild new places. Although the studio version of their song Lazy Lover is already a certified classic in their catalog, the showmanship involved in the live video elevates the track's dreamy aesthetic. Sabina Sciubba, the band's frontwoman, belts out an intoxicating series of vocals that would woo a siren while parading in an outfit designed for an underground fashion show. The video is genuinely captivating.