Gather 'round for the return of Earthworm Jim

Looking at the wave of video game mascots with an attitude created to cash in on Sonic the Hedgehog's early 90s dominance feels like a fever dream. There was an innumerable roster of pretenders to the throne with games like Awesome PossumFartman, and Gex littering the market. Some characters like Crash Bandicoot have fared better than others, earning a coveted spot in the collective nostalgia pocket of a generation. Still, most fell into irrelevance as quickly as they were created. While saying good riddance might have been necessary for most Sonic copycats, a few pearls submerged in the slop deserved a better send-off. Earthworm Jim was one such idea.

Despite never being the most popular video game mascot, Earthworm Jim was still a viable contender in the battle for the attention span of 90s kids. In his heyday, Earthworm Jim proudly possessed a Saturday morning cartoon and a line of action figures. Recently, Interplay Entertainment released a new trailer for an Earthworm Jim revival series, and it looks really fun. Check it out in the video linked above.