Bring romanticism into your home with this beautiful and spooky ceramic skull

You walk into the apartment of an 18th-century detective. What do you see? Of course, there's going to be a comfortable chair, where somebody can sit when they're doing their deductions. There's also probably a fireplace and a lot of strange artifacts and papers scattered about the room. Whatever problem you've come to get solved, you know that this is the right place.

This kind of romanticist fantasy has largely lost its place in the modern world. Mystery and danger have been replaced with massive television screens that take up half of the wall and remotes that get lost underneath layers of couch cushions. If you want to strike a symbolic blow against the enemies of romanticism, there's a way you can easily do it: Get a human skull. No, not a real one, but this Ceramic Fireplace Aged Skull by TheCozyHearth does the trick, and it's just $51.99 right now

With your own Ceramic Fireplace Aged Skull, you can spice up your fireplace, or any other place, that you think could use a touch of mortality. What's cool about this skull is that — no matter how hot your fire burns — you'll never have to worry about it melting down. These skulls are made of high-temperature refractory, which is the same substance that NASA uses to test rocket engines. They make a perfect addition to a firepit, especially as you get more. 

It's Gothic in the best way, and honestly, you'll be doing the world a favor by bringing back some darkness into the world, walking the walk by adding an element of spookiness into your own home. Right now, you can grab a Ceramic Fireplace Aged Skull from TheCozyHearth for just $51.99, or 11% off. 

Prices subject to change.