Look at the last black & white TV ever made

In my darkest hours, I fear that I've lived too long. I've watched the collapse of the VHS empire, ransacked by the rampaging hordes of DVD, only to witness the subsequent reign of DVD turn to dust in the face of streaming. Ipods have blinked in and out of existence in the span of ten of my summers. I swam unrestricted in the sparkling, cresting waves of the internet—braving the chocolate rain—to search Kazaa for episodes of Family Guy. My wisened and weary gaze, three decades old, has grown cold and disaffected from the ceaseless march of time. Yet, by casting my vision upon certain relics, the fading embers of whimsy behind my breast morph into a roaring blaze of nostalgia to unthaw my stolid and frozen heart. Slowly, I part my lips to utter, "oh, yeah, I remember that. Huh." 

In the video linked above, the YouTube channel VWestlife shows the final black & white TV model ever made.