This analyst predicted the January 6 Trump coup riot

CNN interviewed political analyst Arieh Kovler, who predicted the January 6 Capitol riot two weeks before it happened.

On December 21, Kovler tweeted: "On January 6, armed Trumpist militias will be rallying in DC, at Trump's orders. It's highly likely that they'll try to storm the Capitol after it certifies Joe Biden's win. I don't think this has sunk in yet."

On his CNN appearance, Kovler said:

The one thing you've got to remember is that for several months, they were absolutely convinced that Trump was going to win the election and win big. He was gonna win California — 40 to 45 states. And then after Election Day, when he obviously lost, Trump continued to say, "I won, and you're gonna see soon." And they all believed him. But they didn't just believe that the election was stolen, they believed Trump had a plan to win. And any day now, it was going to be proved. And January 6th was the last real day that they could keep their fantasy alive. And so when Trump himself summoned them to DC on January the 6th, this was really only going to go one way. These were people who were coming to DC expecting to watch Trump win somehow, whether that was by Congress somehow nevertheless deciding to make him the president and throw out the Biden votes, or whether it was by Trump using the military or perhaps the crowd themselves as the militia to basically storm congress and install a dictatorship. So once they were there — and they were there because he called them there — I think it was only going to go one way.

When Koveler was asked what's going on in MAGA/QAnon circles now, Kovler said they are "absolutely obsessed" with the "hoax" pandemic and Anthony Fauci. "That is where I would be concerned about the potential for future violence."