Former MAGA cult member debates current Trump worshipper about January 6

A former Trump supporter who participated in the January 6 events and went to prison for her actions, Pam Hemphill, has since deprogrammed herself and is now a critic of Donald Trump and the MAGA movement. In this video, hosted by political podcaster Luke Beasley, Hemphill confronts a current Trump supporter, highlighting the cult-like devotion to Trump among his followers and tries to warn others about the dangers associated with Trump's influence.

MAGA Cultist: "January 6th was nothing like they portray on TV, the news and all that. It's just a big farce, so."

Luke Beasley: "Can I introduce you to somebody? Pam was also at January 6th."

MAGA Cultist: "So you know! January 6th, which you see on TV, it's nothing like what it was."

Pam Hemphill: "Yeah, it was a riot, it was an insurrection."

MAGA Cultist: "Oh, it was an insurrection."

Pam Hemphill: "Yes, it was an insurrection."

MAGA Cultist: "Yeah, but I don't believe that Trump was the one that, uh…"

Pam Hemphill: "Yes, he was. He had a plan. Why would you want everybody to go down to the Capitol when you've already had a talk?"

MAGA Cultist: "Well, I was down there where Trump was giving his speech and he said, 'Let's go to the Capitol peacefully.'"

Pam Hemphill: "No, he said, 'Fight like hell.'"

MAGA Cultist: "Now what you may not know is when you saw so many Antifa and BLM that you couldn't number them."

Pam Hemphill: "The judges have not prosecuted one Antifa and it's been debunked. The ones that were putting on the Trump clothes were Trump supporters."

Luke Beasley: "Here's a question for the two of you. She (pointing to Hemphill) used to be a hardcore Trump supporter. Why do you think that she now perceives Trump supporters to be a cult?"

MAGA Cultist: "I don't know, that's her opinion. We're all entitled to an opinion. But I know Jesus Christ is coming soon, and my agenda here is to let people know that whether you're on the right or the left, Jesus is coming. And he's not going to pick sides except for the right side of truth. And that's it. And he knows the beginning from the end, he knows who's being truthful, he knows who's being deceptive."

Hemphill's change of heart came after her prison release, during which she began to question and later openly reject the ideology and actions of Trump and his supporters. She discovered the true nature of Trump's movement after attempting to help another January 6 defendant, which led her to realize the deceptive tactics used within the movement. She now aims to educate others on the fallacies within the Trump camp and emphasizes the importance of using votes to support democracy rather than trying to convert staunch Trump supporters out of their convictions.

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