Cryptoland threatens critic after "crypto island" plan draws fyre

Cryptoland's plans to turn a Fijian island into a crypto paradise became the subject of much attention last week, much centered on trying to figure out if its bizarre presentation video is an intentional parody. Since then, those apparently behind the project have promised that it's for real, issued an unconvincing legal threat to one critic, and reassured true believers that in Cryptoland the age of consent will be "mental maturity… ;)". They are now accusing everyone of a "planned attacked (sic) to harass, vilify and twist our work."

We at Cryptoland condemn any kind of racist, deviant or abusive behavior. Our twitter is run by several people and not all of them are native english speakers. The person who answered that question clearly didn't understand the ill intention behind it and misinterpreted its meaning, naively thinking they were asking about the age allowed to come to Cryptoland, just like to any other place, like a restaurant, a resort or an amusement park.