Questing Beast on the five duties of a D&D Dungeon Master

In this 14-minute video on Questing Beast, Ben drops a lot of wisdom on what he calls the five duties of a Dungeon Master. These duties are 1. Properly prepare for your sessions, focusing on creating situations not marching through a plot "on rails," 2. Host a game like you would host a party, 3. Play the world (act as the referee in such a way that the players feel like it's them vs. the world, not them vs. you, the DM), 4. Keep strict time records (which keeps the game moving on its own and adds a sense of urgency), and finally, 5. Hack the rules (don't be afraid to modify the rules just as you would create NPCs and settings).

In unpacking these principals, Adam offers a lot of excellent tips on running fun, engaging games that excite everyone, including you, the DM, and that allow the players to double-down on their creativity and world immersion.

Image: Screengrab