UK lawmaker: influencers should label manipulated photos of their bodies

A lawmaker in the UK has proposed that celebrities and influencers should label photos of their bodies that have been photomanipulated.

Former GP Dr Luke Evans, now a Conservative MP, is introducing the Digitally Altered Body Image Bill in the hope of helping to tackle the growing numbers of people struggling with eating disorders and body confidence issues.

Dr Evans told Sky News: "When I was a GP, particularly young women with eating disorders would talk about the fact they're driven by these images and think they need to have a perfect physique.

"But you started seeing it from men, often talented sportsmen who wanted to get bigger, to look buff on the beach, so they'd start overtraining and taking unsolicited supplements but then they find themselves banned from sport because they've tested positive for steroids just because they thought they didn't 'look right'.

An obvious problem is similar to the cookie popup one: the label ends up on virtually everything, there's no way to tell if it's warning you of a substantial or trivial use, and it just becomes an annoyance, even a dark pattern. Or, like the "Parental Advisory" stickers in the U.S., it only deals with one particular scenario (extremely mainstream influencers with ultranormal fans) while becoming a desirable imprimatur to everyone else.