This discounted neck massager is the answer to endless hours of sitting in a desk chair

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From staring down as you scroll through your phone to sitting at your desk through three Zoom meetings in a row, your body takes more of a beating than you'd think. Sure, you can get back and neck aches from working out at the gym, but these endless hours of sitting seem to be doing just as much (if not more) damage to our bodies.

Before you book another pricey visit to your favorite massage therapist, you may want to give this game-changing MASSNECK PRO a try. Priced significantly lower than a visit to the spa, this neck massager can give your neck some serious feels, from pain relief from stiffness, soreness, and beyond. And since you can whip it out at any time, you can give your neck the attention it needs no matter where you are, whether it's sitting on the couch or at your desk at work.

Unlike other neck-massaging methods out there, the MASSNECK PRO boasts an incredibly innovative design, built with heating PI sheets that promote blood circulation and healing to your muscles. The band's stainless steel electrodes sit comfortably on your skin, controlled by a micro-computer chip, providing you with 15 intensity levels, ideal for those who want a more personalized massage. 

While this neck massager is powerful, it takes up very minimal space. In fact, it can actually fold into a compactly-sized piece, allowing you to pop it into your purse or book bag, ready to whip out whenever you could use a little massage action. And thanks to the fact you can use it on a regular basis, you can lessen the chance of a seriously painful strain, keeping things loose and relaxed while you go about your day.

Created by the brilliant minds behind MassForce, a leading fitness and relaxation accessory vendor, you can bet the top-rated MASSNECK PRO will give your neck the relief it so desperately craves. 

Get the MASSNECK™ PRO: Advanced Neck Massager at 31% off, making it just $87.95.

Prices  subject to change.