America's "toxic corporate culture" driving the Great Resignation

MITSloan Management Review dives deep into the "Great Resignation", the en-masse departure of American workers from their jobs. At present, 40% of American workers are reportedly thinking of quitting. It finds that "toxic corporate culture" is the biggest predictor of attrition, with poor compensation at the bottom of the list. Also: job insecurity, indifferent managers and refusal to protect workers from covid.

Our analysis found that the leading elements contributing to toxic cultures include failure to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion; workers feeling disrespected; and unethical behavior. …

Bear in mind that this is a high temple of corporate culture telling its own kind off. So it still has an incentive to identify problems and solutions that it thinks are inexpensive to solve, while reassuring everyone that they don't really need to do much on a systematic level— under headings that imply more radical change.

The report's gruel is, accordingly, quite thin:

[offer] new jobs offering fresh challenges without a promotion

Sponsor corporate social events

"What you might not have expected is the relatively modest impact of remote work on retention"

Make schedules more predictable for front-line employees.

And so on. The paper is fascinating, all the same, and the data is clearly presented. An interesting fact: of the companies named, SpaceX seems to be ground zero for this crisis: 21% attrition rate during the study! A stampede for the exit.