Save your money with the smartest bundle in streaming

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The whole world is on the streaming wave now. Watching your favorite show is not a matter of watching one episode at a time anymore, or waiting a week at a time for the next episode to air. But with so many services to choose from, and shows jumping from one to another, it's hard to figure out what service you should subscribe to, especially when there's so much to watch.

With the advent of bundling, however, you can get multiple streaming platforms at a discounted price, letting you watch all kinds of shows for cheap. And if you're looking for a great bundle, look no further than the Smartest Streaming Bundle ft. Curiosity Stream for $40.

In this package, you'll get access to Curiosity Stream, SOMM TV, Tastemade, Topic, Nebula, and One Day University. Curiosity Stream, Nebula, and One Day University stimulate your brain with in-depth explorations of some of the most intriguing subjects on and off the planet, while SOMM TV and Tastemade are your homes for wine and food content that will set your mouth watering. And Topic shows off a criminally good collection of foreign thrillers of the crime, noir, and drama genres, curated for your personal enjoyment.  

In total, there are hundreds of genres, such as nature, technology, adventure, space, and just about anything else you could think to watch. The lowest individual price savings for one of the streaming services in this bundle is 88%—further proof that bundling has been a godsend for consumers. And with platforms like the award-winning Curiosity Stream included, which has over 20 million subscribers worldwide, you'll be getting highly demanded services at an unbeatable price.

Everything is a bundle, or an 11-in-1, or something of that sort nowadays, making it easier than ever for the everyday buyer to get a good deal. You can get a one-year subscription to the Smartest Streaming Bundle for $40, down 42% from the original price of $69. 

Prices are subject to change.