Set up the creative space you've always wanted with this sewing table for $199

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Once the holidays are over, organizing, renovating, and refreshing our home spaces is always a great way to kick off the new year. Why not treat yourself to that little crafting corner you've always wanted with the SewStation 201 Sewing Table by SewingRite?

If you have DIY projects, paints, glitter, fabric, etc. strewn about the house, then it may be time you commit to carving out your very own creative space. Whether you're gluing or sewing, this handy table is perfect for all of your artsy aspirations—big or small! It even comes with a yard measuring decal with inches and centimeters, so you never have to go searching for your ruler again.

The sewing platform smoothly raises and lowers into the table adding to its uncomplicated functionality. Height is adjustable for maximum comfort while sitting or standing. Make the SewStation 201 your own special space, be it a work desk or creation station. You'll instantly feel more productive once your area is set up, and will be able to focus better knowing everything is in one place. The usage opportunities for your new table are truly infinite!

This multi-purpose, black metal table is portable and lightweight, so you can conveniently move it from room to room or take it on the go. The SewStation 201 is perfect for smaller spaces and easily collapses down to 4" for fold-away storage. Simply press the release button, and watch the legs fold in easily. Setting up is also effortless— just pop open and lock! No tools are necessary for setup or breakdown. If you're not the neatest crafter, never fear, the wipeable laminate tabletop is here. Don't cry over spilled paint, cleanup is painless. 

Get to creating this new year with the SewStation 201 Sewing Table by SewingRite. Normally $199, you can get it for 34% off right now, or just $129.99.

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