Save thousands on flights for $30 with a one-year subscription to Matt's Flights

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Typically, becoming an air travel aficionado is comprised of one of two things. One, you shell out a heck of a lot of money to get flights when you want, where you want. Or two, you exhaust yourself by scouring the Internet (and other sources) for the best deals and burn yourself out.

Option three is the best of both worlds: Matt's Flights is a discount flight-seeking service for both domestic and international travel, and a one-year subscription is only $29.99 right now, or 69% off.

Matt himself spends each and every day scouting the best flights, and when he finds them (whether it be via airline errors or premier sales offers), he emails them to subscribers as fast as possible. Your emails are tailored to your departing airport, you'll receive individualized flight and planning support, and you can expect a minimum of three superb deals per week, all as part of your subscription.

Matt's Flights has been featured in major publications, including The New York Times, and has an average 4.9 out of 5 stars out of more than 200 reviews on Facebook. Satisfied customer Stephen Chene chimed in, saying, "Not only did Matt find me a nonstop flight from Detroit to Paris for under $600, he did it on my preferred airline… Matt sent me two search responses both within 24 hours of my asking. I highly recommend this service to anyone and look forward to traveling more with his cheap flights."

Matt's Flights covers 60 U.S. cities and six Canadian cities and comes with unlimited custom search requests. Even if your airport of choice isn't currently included, Matt's Flights will cater your search to you as long as you email

In one week of your one-year subscription to Matt's Flights, you could easily save hundreds of dollars, all for a $29.99 subscription.

Prices subject to change.