This Indiegogo-funded massage gun is exactly what your sore muscles are screaming for

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The New Year has come and gone, and your resolution to eat healthier and get in shape is in full effect. But with extra visits to the gym and physical activity comes sore, aching muscles, veering you off the path to your fitness goals. And while visiting a masseuse would be a great solution to this problem, it's hardly in the average gym-goer's budget. 

When it comes to muscle pain recovery, a good, deep tissue massage gun can do wonders, and this O'Yeet NEX Pro Massage Gun is just the tool for the job. Deemed "the most powerful and portable massage gun," the tool is making quite the impact, earning an impressive $343,878 in funding on Indiegogo. It's even used by professional athletes, helping them get fast, effective muscle relief at the drop of a hat. 

What makes the O'Yeet NEX Pro so powerful is its ability to provide massage up to 30% deeper than other average massage guns on the market today. In fact, it can apply as much as 40 pounds in pressure, penetrating muscle tissue to improve blood flow, speed up healing times, and increase mobility. And with its heavy-duty torque of 600mN.m, this gun is incredibly reliable in giving you the powerful relief you need. 

Unlike the kinds of deep tissue massages you'd get at the spa, the O'Yeet NEX Pro is ready to go at any given time, whether you're in the locker room at the gym or sitting on your couch at home. And thanks to its long-lasting 240 minutes of runtime per charge, you never have to worry about the thing running out of juice when you're away from an outlet. Plus, it's incredibly comfortable to hold, making reaching tough spots, like behind the legs or neck, quite easy. 

The O'Yeet NEX Pro Massage Gun comes with its own carrying case and eight detachable massage heads, perfect for all the different areas of the body, and it's currently 36% off at just $229.99.

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