This insult passphrase generator will make your passwords unforgettable (and hilarious)

A 2011 xkcd comic popularized the idea of using memorable but nonsensical words as passwords. The comic provided the example "correct horse battery staple," which is easy to remember but difficult to crack through brute force methods.

Recently, I stumbled upon an insult passphrase generator. Every time you refresh the page, you are given 10 delightful insults that you can use (at your own risk) as a password. The creator says, "Each entry has about 42 bits of randomness. Queries are not recorded. Randomness is probably as good as the random resource in the operating system."

Here are some examples:

– You unpleasing buck basket of deadly koodoo rheum
– You odious pail of malign wolfhound spew
– You base hipflask of unhealthy snowshoe rabbit spurt
– You worrying coal scuttle of maculate sea urchin pee
– You dreadful sideboard of pocky Dexter drivel
– You depressive backpack of ulcerous lemur mucus
– You distasteful phial of pestiferous greenbottle fly thyroxin
– You misproportioned sitzbath of laryngitic horned viper butts
– You vexatious folio of gouty cone-nose diaphoresis
– You desolating trunk of contaminated lion-tailed monkey shit

Several of these insults are quite memorable!

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