This safe, effective, and potent LED teeth whitener is just $100

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You never forget the first time you sink your teeth into the odd, slimy, weirdness of a traditional, home-use teeth whitening tray. So many have us have succumbed to the allure of affordable teeth whitening systems, whether it be trays, strips, or otherwise. They're delivered to your home with ease, with the prospect of erasing years of staining via coffee, wine, and tea.

But those systems only work to a point, and more importantly, often irritate the enamel on your teeth and bother your gums. The Shyn Brighter Wireless LED Teeth Whitening System, on sale for $89.99 with coupon code SHYN 10, is safe, sleek, and most importantly, it works. 

Thirty-two individual LED lights fuel the Shyn Brighter system — those very lights kickstart the powerful-but-safe Shyn Brighter Whitening Gel. It comes with two modes: maximum strength (a powerful "blue light" mode) and a "dual color" setting that is softer and soothing to your gums.

The secret ingredient to avoid irritation is a lack of one specific ingredient: hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide irritates so many users of common whitening trays and strips. Not only is the Shyn Brighter experience more enjoyable, but it's quicker: 15 minutes for the stronger treatment and 10 minutes for the gentler.

The Shyn Brighter system has an average 4.6 out of 5 stars review on Google. One five-star reviewer writes, "I have sensitive teeth, so I started slow and LOVED that I could control the level & amount with the adjustable pen. Before I knew it, I was multitasking while whitening since there are ZERO (cords) or wires to contend with. It became a part of my daily routine."

Shyn Brighter comes with a USB charging cable (you can get as many as eight treatments from a single charge) and a removable mouthpiece (constructed with medical-grade silicone), and it's waterproof. Whiten wherever you want! Finally, it's safe not just for natural tooth enamel, but for your veneers and other dental repair work as well.

Instead of shelling out several hundred dollars to your dentist for an intensive in-office cleaning, it won't even take $100 to take advantage of Shyn Brighter's revolutionary whitening system.

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