Men bring propped-up corpse to post office in attempt to collect deceased's pension check

In County Carlow, Ireland, two men helped their elderly friend into the post office to collect his pension check. Thing is, the friend was dead and the men had propped him up. After another customer alerted staff, the men dropped the body and ran off. According to police, a postmortem revealed that the fellow had likely died just a few hours before. From The Guardian:

[The] two men had reportedly attempted to collect 66-year-old Peader Doyle's pension on Friday morning but were told by staff that the pensioner had to be present at the counter himself.

According to reports in Ireland, the two men returned a short while later appearing to prop up a man wearing a woolly jumper over his face and a hat on his head.

Onlookers claimed his feet were "dragging" along the ground on the journey from his house a short walk from the shop.

Garda sources told the Irish Times that one line of inquiry is the possibility that his death occurred in the post office. In that case no criminal charges would arise as no offence would have been committed.