Watch: Spittin' (literally) mad man who taunts children over masks has tantrum in parking lot

A California gentleman is so offended by masks, he's taken to bullying elementary and middle school children, according to parents in the La Crescenta area of Los Angeles. Parents of some of the teens say he has taunted kids for months, following them after school, according to WBDJ7, and last week at a strip mall parking lot they say he pushed kids, and even spit and coughed on them while standing just inches away.

Part of his rage in the parking lot was caught on video (see below).

"Look at this grown man with a mask on. What a frickin' coward!" the anti-masker shouted, sporting an oft-worn black T-shirt that says, "Your mask makes you look stupid."

"Where'd you buy your mask? The stupid store?" he said, apparently to the person behind the camera.

"My kids are forced to wear a fucking mask, so fuck you," he continued. "Masks don't work. They're fucking child abuse. They're a part of this tyranny. As long as you idiots keep running around with your fucking mask on, then we still have a pandemic."

Deputies were called to the scene, according to WGN9, and parents are demanding an investigation.

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