Supreme Court shuns Marjorie Taylor Greene when she tries to appeal $100K mask fines

Marjorie Taylor Greene tried to get the Supreme Court to erase the hefty fines she racked up during the Covid pandemic when she repeatedly refused to wear her mask on the House floor. But the Court couldn't be bothered with Marge's self-inflicted woes, denying her appeal to a lower court's ruling.

Thus, Georgia's delusional Congresswoman, who repeatedly ignored $500 fines, still must pay more than $100,000 total. That's a mighty expensive publicity stunt.

And interestingly, Speaker Mike Johnson's lawyers agreed with the lower court ruling, according to Daily Beast, and even "urged the court to reject the appeal."

From Daily Beast:

The justices left no comment accompanying their decision to decline the appeal from Greene, who was joined in the case by Reps. Thomas Massie (R-KY) and Ralph Norman (R-SC). Their decision allows a lower court ruling to stand, which tossed the Congresspeople's constitutional challenge and ruled that courts lack jurisdiction to review the mask policy. …

[Johnson's] lawyers did make it clear, however, that the entire Republican leadership voted against the mask mandate.

Also interestingly, as Meidas Touch News points out, "not a single Justice sought to consider the issue."