Check out how the Koreans do corndogs

At this point, I'm ready to concede that South Koreans have beaten us in every way. Americans don't dominate in any industry except entertainment, and South Korea is solidly muscling in on our territory. America hasn't produced a relevant boy band in ages. Meanwhile, BTS is conquering the charts and hearts of girls around the globe. The West used to have a monopoly on the Oscars, but the streak has been broken after Parasite snagged the award for best picture. And let's not even talk about the smash hit that is Squid Game. Koreans won the entertainment war. It's over. 

As if to add insult to injury, Korea even does junk food better than us. In the video linked above, the YouTube channel Soon Films shows us how the Koreans approach the concept of a corndog. Even though I haven't tasted their version, the presentation alone places their rendition of the treat leagues above our own. Once Koreans come up with their own version of Thanksgiving, we'll definitely have to acknowledge them as superior.