GOP bans TX election officials from sending out mail-in ballots, but it's OK for Rep. Dan Crenshaw

Claiming to protect election integrity, the GOP in Texas recently passed voter suppression laws that, among other things, ban election officials from sending out mail-in ballots. But what isn't good for election officials is certainly good enough for Republican members of Congress. Such as Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R–TX), who just this week sent out mail-in ballot applications with a note that said, "Be sure to vote for Dan Crenshaw."

From The Texas Tribune:

The law made an exception for candidates and political parties to continue the practice, which has long been a popular get-out-the-vote tactic typically employed by both parties, but especially by Republicans.

Democrats this week said Crenshaw's mailer highlights hypocrisy in the new voting law and shows that Republicans who railed against vote-by-mail expansion efforts last year were only concerned about the ways it could benefit Democrats. Crenshaw's mailer includes a prefilled mail-in application and instructions that tell the recipient to "simply sign, stamp, and mail" it and to "be sure to vote for Dan Crenshaw" when the ballot comes. …

But Crenshaw has been a strong supporter of the voting law, defending it on Twitter and criticizing Democrats who have characterized it and similar rules in other states as voter suppression.

In a 2020 interview with The Texas Tribune, Crenshaw likened expansion of voting by mail to "playing with fire" and said that it could increase voter fraud, raising concerns about states such as Nevada that have more expanded mail-in ballot options than Texas.

Just last July, Crenshaw created a tall stack of Twitter posts listing the many advantages to curtailing mail-in ballots: