GOP Rep. Boebert brags about funding she voted against

Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert recently bragged about securing over $20 million in water and infrastructure projects for her district — despite having voted against the very funding that made it possible. As political commentator Luke Beasley points out in his latest YouTube video, this is a prime example of the two-faced dishonesty of the GOP.

"Republicans are constantly trying to take credit for legislation they oppose," Beasley asserts, noting that these policies are often part of the Democratic agenda and dismissed as "socialism" or "communism" by the right. Yet when it comes time to reap the benefits, suddenly MAGA representatives like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Elise Stefanik, and Boebert are eager to claim responsibility and trick their constituents into thinking they represent their interests.

The White House was quick to call out Boebert's duplicity, with President Biden himself reminding her during his State of the Union address that "some of you have strongly voted against it, or they're cheering on that money coming in." Beasley drives home the point: "She's pretending like Biden has this extreme radical policy record when he does it. And she opposes the very policies that are making her constituents' lives better."

The 10:30 mark in Beasley's video has an especially tasty clip of CBS News Miami's Jim DeFede rebuking Florida Rep. Maria Salazar for taking credit for bills she voted against. She's reduced to sputtering and feigning ignorance of the bills she votes on. Who the hell wants an idiot like her to represent them, beside MAGA folk, who feed on hypocrisy from their leaders?