The beauty of Vincent Bal's shadow art

What constitutes "good" art depends on the observer. We all understand that art is subjective, and its meanings are often open to interpretation. However, artists apply that perspective to the tools required to make the art itself. A seemingly mundane cup or video game controller can transform into a staggering piece of art in the capable hands of a visionary. Usually, when artists incorporate objects into their work, the item typically undergoes a mild transformation. Some artists deconstruct the thing and use the shattered remnants in mosaic, while others infuse the item into a sculpture. Instagram's Vincent Bal has an innovative approach to using objects in art. 

Through careful application of items to his work, Bal finds creative ways to drape his drawings in the appropriate amount of shadows to finish the piece. Bal calls the technique "shadowology," and it's easily some of the most impressive art I've seen in ages.