The glorious Shiba Inu dog cafe in Japan

Barring that you have an allergy or some strange phobia associated with our canine chums, it's impossible to remain sullen around dogs. Why take antidepressants when you could adopt a rescue pup? Scratch that; you should adopt the dog and then take antidepressants simultaneously. In other words, just slam some coffee and pet your favorite doggo, and you could drive every psychologist and therapist out of business. Truly, the key to eternal happiness is well within our grasp.

However sad as it may seem, not everyone owns a dog. Some poor bastards only have coffee and no cute puppy of their own. Or, in some cases, they only have the dog and no coffee. With distressing news like this, it's easy to see why the rates of depression are off the charts. Although, Japan, like always, has an answer for every problem.

In the brief video linked above, you can check out a Japanese cafe filled with Shiba Inu dogs. The dogs basically live there, and if I visited that cafe, I would too.