When Jimmy Kimmel Live asks these folks about the Winter Olympics they fib like pros

People will say anything for their fifteen minutes of worldly fame, even if it means they have to tell a few whoppers to get there. Take the random people stopped by Jimmy Kimmel's "Lie Witness News," for instance, who were asked if they were watching the Winter Olympics — which actually don't start until Friday — and what they thought of the games so far.

"I'm sure you saw Elon Musk debuted his new Tesla snowboard," the reporter asked one chap, reminding him that the snowboard "won the gold medal in speed-boarding."

"I thought it was just life-changing for the innovation world" he answered convincingly.

When another guy was asked what he thought about the snowballing event, where a team "tries to outrun a giant snowball," he said, "I like that one, it's hot." But he wasn't so keen on the horse ice-skaters. "I'm thinking about the horses, 'cause it could happen that there could be a lot of accidents."

As amusing as these improv artists were, what's especially impressive is how each and every one of them (except the dumbfounded first guy who walked onto the wrong set) rose to the show-biz occasion with their quick-thinking, fake-it-til-you-make-it, A-list performances.