Get your body into gear with one year of on-demand yoga, now just $59 bucks

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While you may not always feel like working out, getting your blood moving does have its benefits, especially when what you're doing is yoga. From helping improve strength and flexibility to making it so you can relax and get a better night's sleep, you'd be surprised how much going into downward dog every once in a while can do you for physical and mental well-being. 

Before you drop some major green on some foufy yoga studio membership, you may want to consider the fantastic, top-rated courses offered in YogaWorks. Featuring over 1,3000 yoga classes 24/7, you can explore different Vinyasa, yoga, and pilates workouts on-demand, right from your phone, laptop, and more. And the best part? An entire one-year membership costs just $59 bucks, which is a far cry from those private classes you've been eyeing.

Deemed "the best program out there right now for yoga fanatics" by Today and named one of the "top 10 best home workouts" by USA Today, YogaWorks continues to give users accessible, quality workout classes on one, easy-to-navigate platform. That's because YogaWorks is a leader in the industry with over 30 years of experience under their belt, knowing just how to create dynamic, challenging classes for all different skill levels.

Unike other online yoga classes out there, YogaWorks provides users with quality content they simply won't find anywhere else. Led by expert instructors, each class helps you unlock your hidden potential, strengthening the body and mind without ever requiring you to step foot in a yoga studio. Whether you perform the workouts in your room or out on the beach, the accessibility of YogaWorks is simply unmatched. 

Normally valued at $239, an entire year of YogaWorks On-Demand costs just $59 bucks — that's a 75% discount!

Prices are subject to change.