Questlove's Summer of Soul documentary has been nominated for an Oscar

Even if you were unfamiliar with The Roots before they vaulted to fame with The Tonight Show, odds you were probably already somewhat aware of Questlove. Beyond serving as the public face for the band, Questlove also became one of the living embodiments of the modern, eccentric Black creative. With his robust afro stretching out in every direction, acting as a potent effigy for his irrepressible creativity, it always seemed like the artistic energy that resided in Questlove's core was consistently trying to escape its human prison. Channeling that energy into music must have provided some relief, but Questlove's inherent charisma made it evident to all observers and fans that other outlets would eventually be necessary. 

With his impressive Summer of Soul documentary—in which he makes his directorial debut—garnering heaps of praise, it appears like Questlove has found the key to his second act. Earlier this week, Summer of Soul received an Oscar nomination for best documentary feature, placing the mega-talented drummer in some of the most rarefied air in Hollywood. You can check out the complete list of Oscar nominations by following the link here